Shahama and Bahia Public Participation Event

The Shahama and Bahia Community Day is believed to be the first of its kind in the Gulf Region — a public participation event for a government master plan, held in the community being revitalised. The event was hosted by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, in partnership with Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy in June 2008.

Together over 40 members of the community, including women, children, youth, men, seniors, and community leaders, worked with government workers and international specialists in urban planning, design, sustainability, transportation, and infrastructure to create a vision for the future of the existing communities of Shahama and Bahia.


About Lia

I am a project manager and urban planner who loves discovering the uniqueness of places. I have traveled and lived abroad for 17 years, and love translating international ideas locally. I am a pragmatic creative. I take big ideas and make them happen here and now. I am as comfortable with a spreadsheet as I am with a sketching pen.

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